About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Delta Co-op are:

*General Manager
Andrew Parrott 306-228-2662         

 Kristine Moon 306-228-2662

*Human Resources
 Christie Gerein 306-228-2662 

*Marketing & Communications
 Kelsie Valliere 306-228-2662        

*Agro Manager
 Earl Hawthorne 306-228-2624

*Unity Home Centre Manager
 Peter Keller 306-228-2625      

*Unity C-Store & Wilkie Gas Bar Manager
 Lisa Yackobeck 306-228-3674

*Luseland Home & Ag Centre Manager
 Jeff Boser 306-372-4426

*Macklin Food Store & Macklin Pharmacy Manager
 Rob McCaffery 306-753-2221

*Unity Food Store Manager
 Marvin Phillips 306-228-3031

*Wilkie Food Store Manager
 Kristine Moon 306-228-2662